While many companies are simply looking to hire a few temps, other companies are using the services of a third-party agency to help them manage their entire employee relations process. In this article, we’ll explore what you need to know about the role of agencies in managing your employee relationships and how they can help you achieve your business objectives. 

We’ll also take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of using  Top labour hire agency over other staffing options.

Increasing business efficiencies

In addition to the benefits that you can gain from hiring a labour hire agency, there are also some key advantages for the employees themselves. If your business uses a labour hire agency, it can reduce the time spent on managing employee relationships and recruitment because they will take care of these responsibilities for you. This means that your employees will be able to focus more on their work and less on administrative tasks such as paperwork or payroll.

So if you’re looking for a way to streamline your business operations and reduce costs, consider the benefits of using a labour hire agency. With their help, you can focus more on growing your company while maintaining high quality standards in all areas.

Another benefit of using a labour hire agency is that they can offer you access to skilled workers who may not be available in your local area. If you need specific skills for a project but can’t find them locally, then it might be worth considering hiring from afar. This can help you complete projects faster and more efficiently than if you were to rely on local employees alone.

Attracting the best talent

If you're looking to attract the best talent, a labour hire agency can help. A labour hire agency will use the latest technology and have access to a large pool of candidates with a range of skillsets. They can also find people with specific skillsets that may not be so easy to find in your local area or industry.

Labour hire agencies are often able to find candidates who are more experienced and skilled than what you’re able to attract in your local area. They can also help ensure that you have the right people in place when a position becomes available.

Providing access to all of your employee's records

A labour hire agency can provide you with access to all of your employee's records. This will assist with compliance and record keeping, as well as building a positive relationship with your employees.

Labour hire agencies are able to help you keep track of all the necessary information about your workforce including:

  • National Insurance number (NINO) verification;
  • Right to Work checks;
  • Health and Safety training certificates;

This can be particularly useful if there is a change in employment status - for example, when an employee moves from one job role into another or is dismissed from their position at your company.


The role of a labour hire agency is to provide employers with the tools they need to manage their workforce. The agency will take care of all of the administrative tasks involved in hiring new employees and managing existing ones, leaving you free to focus on what matters most: running your business or organisation efficiently.

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